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Skulls and Doves - the story

The Time Magazine cover in May 1994 had a picture of an african mother and her son, covered by a title that said -“There are No Devils Left in Hell, they are All in Rwanda.”- Rwanda, a place where a million people were killed, a genocide that lasted 100 Days. I was not in Rwanda in 1994. My first time there was in 1998. Although there was peace, the country still smelled of the genocide. When I moved to the UK, I became obsessed with it, I wanted to know what really went wrong. I read books and watched documentaries about Rwanda and the genocide, I became haunted by the thousands of images and tragic stories. I had nightmares that were full of skulls, violence and death. I too became a victim, and realised, that when we as humans reach that level of hatred and violence that the perpetrators portrayed, nobody wins. Years later, I started to design digital images of skulls, images that are bold and beautiful. This helped me deal with the pain and sadness I felt for my country and its people.

Steve Kalinda, London 2018